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About Us

We bring more than just solutions We bring the results

Meshed Media gives the creators the tools they need to make a successful business out of their channel

Monetize Content Through our Creators Fund

Meshed Media is able to create such a welcoming space for everyone, thanks to our membership-based structure. We pay our content creators significantly more than the industry average because we are not monetizing through advertisement; our content creators can expect to see a $4-$16 RPM ($ per 1,000 views) on average.

Grow your Community and Revenue

Meshed Media Is built around giving creators and their communities the best experience possible. Creators on Meshed Media have multiple streams of income from day one, between higher content payouts, up to 5 channels per account, referral links and earning 100% of donations creators already have options. We are still developing many aspects of the platform and when we are done creators will have over 8 methods to generate revenue within the platform.

No Ads all Entertainment

Meshed Media gives the viewers a completely ad free video experience. Ads interrupt viewers experiences, limit the earning potential for creators, and worst of all, require data intrusive tracking. Meshed Media is removing the root of many issues on the current leading platforms by simply removing Ads.

Built with you in mind

Meshed Media was built with the goal of creating a more inclusive entertainment experience for content creators and their viewers alike. Every aspect of our platform was designed with the focus of creating the best experience for the community. By allowing creators to monetize through their viewers memberships creators are better supported and viewers are not interrupted from what they want to watch.

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This platform has the creators and viewers in mind, if you have any suggestions you would like to see please let us know!

Frequently Asked Questions

There are more reasons to make the switch than there is to stay where you are.

Meshed Media is a multi-media platform that meshes the most popular aspects of internet media into one platform. We are a young progressive platform that is here to create a place on the internet for all creators to be able to flourish to their highest potential. Our platform is Ad free, and less censored because of it. We have a competitively priced membership that supports the creators and helps the platform grow.

Meshed Media has a monthly membership that supports the content creators you love and allows the platform for grow. The membership gives you access to view as much content from any creator on the platform completely ad free.

Almost anything! Meshed Media was started in part to solve the unconstitutional censorship that the internet is facing today. Meshed Media believes that all creators deserve a platform that supports them and works closely with them to ensure the platform has what the creators need to be successful. We have a no-tolerance policy against content that contains or promotes hate, harassment, cyberbullying, spam, scams, threats against others, copyrighted content, impersonation or child endangerment. Failure to follow these rules may lead to Community Guideline strikes and ultimately termination of your account with repeat offences. For more information about our rules and guidelines click Here

All content on Meshed Media is monetized, please read the Community Guidelines and Terms of Service before uploading.

A video page view is not a video view, the viewer must click the play button to start the video for it to be considered a video view.

If your upload fails, please submit a ticket in our Ticket Portal

The size limit for Files on Meshed Media is 10 Gigabytes

No, absolutely no copy write music may be in publicly listed videos. Meshed Media does have a future solution that will come at a later date. Please read the Community Guidelines and Terms of Service before uploading.

Only MP4 video files are supported on Meshed Media

All video qualities are supported on Meshed Media. The system auto optimizes videos to suits viewers

You may change your channel username in your Account Settings page. If you wish to change your Social Media’s account Name you may request a “Name Change” by submitting a Ticket in our Ticket Portal.

For Creators, Video Tags are an incredibly important part of uploading content on Meshed Media. Filling out the video tags includes:

  • Video title; This is a very important part of uploading videos. People will be able to find your video by using the search to search words in your videos title.
  • Keywords; they Helps your videos visibility similar to hashtags.
  • Age Restriction; there are three age categories, 13+, 18+ and 21+
    13+ content, This rating indicates that the content included is Intended for all ages of users.
    18+ content, This rating indicates the content may contain prolonged scenes of adult material such as strong language, intense graphic violence, adult activity, substance abuse and nudity. This content is too mature for children. The rating doesn’t mean that the videos are obscene or pornographic, but that the content is only appropriate for adult audiences.
    21+ content, This rating is for Cannabis content. Please be aware that content on Meshed Media that has any reference, mention, visual depiction, or anything in regards to cannabis must be tagged for audiences of the age(s) 21+. Depending on your Country USA (State regulations) or Canada (Province regulations) the content must abide by all federal US & Canadian respective laws regarding cannabis.
  • Video Language; It helps your videos find the right audience that is looking for a specific language for their video.
  • Visibility; this tag gives you 3 options, Public, Delayed Listing, Private Public videos, This tag Indicates you would like to upload the video to the public audience as soon as possible.
    Delayed Listing, This tag indicates you would like to upload the video at a later time. You will have the ability to upload the video privately until a specified date and time of your choosing, after the designated date and time your video will switch from being privately listed to publicly listed.
    Private videos, This tag indicates that you would like to privately list your video. Meshed Media will privately list a video for 365 days before its removal. Meshed Media will notify you with 90 day, 30 day, and 24 hour warnings through your account dashboard, we will also attempt to contact you through the contact information you provide us.
  • URL slugs; This tag is used for creating custom URL links for your videos.
  • Description; This tag is used to put your video description and write anything you would like your viewers to read when watching your video.